55 min 75 min 105 min 3P 70 min
12:00〜16:59 ¥20,500 ¥28,500 ¥40,500 ¥58,000
17:00〜25:59 ¥21,500 ¥29,500 ¥40,500 ¥58,000
【Super anal licking semen play shop】
revolution! Our shop will start the time after earning the dick! !

・ The instant measure of our shop does not wipe at all. It is a complete prompt measure.
In our shop we call it a true immediate measure. I repeat again and again but I do not wipe it completely
So, please forgive us for inquiries such as “Is it really wipe?” By phone.

・ Our shop is a complete mania shop.
Please understand that we can not satisfy ordinary sexual habits.

・ Our shop is completely different from healing customs currently in fashion.
The play of healing, love love, lover flavor etc. will be completely focused attack type work feeling without any.

・ The shop can enjoy semen play.
Unlike a normal sexual feeling store, we are quite stuck after the launch. Please refrain from coming to the store who is disgusted by the play after the launch.

・ Also, please understand that the morale of the girl falls when visits by normal persons continue.

・ If you are not satisfied with licking anal at 10 seconds and 20 seconds in other stores, licking our anal is special.

◆ About the course contents ◆
“Extreme chinko course”
Mochiron! I can not wash it!
Put your tongue out and slowly and slowly from the bottom up
Mouth attack while moving your tongue from the tip
Not only penis but also testis
Stimulus and visual stimulation other than the touch of the penis! ?
Pleasure filled your head with exciting excitement
After exhausting in the mouth, it sucks up with the yummy fluid that saliva and semen mix together!
Vacuum Blow! Nah, intense blowjob!
It is outrageous to wipe with a tissue! Play continues even if you withdraw!
Our shop will be completely focused attack type work feeling.

“Best anal licking course”
Like poke anal with tongue up
Spread the tongue wide and wrap the anal
Tongue insertion to anus in addition to up, down, left and right
It is a combination technique of technique
I feel better than FERA! ?
Basically anal is the part to put out
By being inserted from the outside
Developed as a new stimulus! ?
The more you are developed, the more you feel sexually
It is memorized in the brain, and it is to Yatsuki! ?

“The best anal penis course”
Mochiron! I can not wash it!
A persistent amount of anal licking!
People sometimes either of two
There are many cases where you have to choose
Perfect for such a greedy person
Extreme penis anal course!
Stimulate penis and anal at the same time
Come and feel the essence of our shop!
(※ will be a member-only course)

“Luxury 3PW penis course”
Customers please wait completely naked.
Immediately after entering the woman, the fellatio of the penis begins.
Please give us a penis call from the customer.
Women’s fight for penis,
Please enjoy penis blame.

“Luxury 3 P Anachin course”
Customers please wait completely naked.
Immediately after entering the room, she attacks the penis.
Please give me a penis call from the customer.
I will head to the shower if it is shot enough.
It cleans up in the body wash by the girls.
One person returns to the room
Another anal penis,
The customer is like a sandwich
Play proceeds.

※ Please inquire for details of course contents.

◆ About the option ◆
※ As the availability of options varies depending on the girl, please check in advance.

Our shop is a non-store type delivery health.
All, it is guidance only for inquiries from the telephone correspondence and the net.

Coming soon...

ふぁーふぁ (24)
T156 B84 (C) W57 H86

うみ (23)
T154 B85 (F) W56 H83

ひめ (20)
T165 B88 (F) W58 H86

れん (20)
T156 B84 (C) W56 H83

ソニン (20)
T154 B85 (D) W58 H84

みづき (19)
T165 B86 (F) W58 H85

ののか (19)
T158 B84 (B) W58 H83

まゆ (26)
T168 B92 (G) W60 H86

コナン (20)
T167 B88 (F) W57 H83

まな (20)
T170 B88 (F) W58 H85

えみ (19)
T153 B85 (D) W56 H84

ふうか (20)
T152 B84 (E) W56 H83

未定 (21)
T152 B84 (E) W83 H56

ちゅる (21)
T150 B85 (D) W56 H83

ルイ (18)
T151 B85 (E) W57 H85

アマル (24)
T153 B85 (D) W58 H86

ぺぇちゃん (20)
T158 B86 (F) W58 H88

このか (21)
T164 B90 (G) W59 H85

ピノ (21)
T147 B86 (G) W54 H83

いずみ (23)
T163 B86 (D) W58 H86

セシル (24)
T157 B85 (C) W58 H86

moka (22)
T148 B84 (C) W54 H82

noa (18)
T160 B86 (E) W54 H83

ここ (20)
T164 B88 (F) W58 H88

いちご (20)
T155 B88 (F) W56 H85

らん (26)
T167 B88 (E) W58 H86

スミレ (20)
T153 B84 (C) W54 H82

ねお (20)
T163 B90 (G) W59 H86

リィナ (26)
T165 B84 (C) W56 H83

じゅじゅ (19)
T152 B84 (C) W54 H82

まあ (24)
T152 B84 (C) W56 H86

みらい (19)
T163 B86 (E) W54 H85

meru (20)
T163 B86 (D) W56 H87

rika (20)
T163 B86 (E) W58 H85

syokora (20)
T164 B86 (D) W88 H56

saya (20)
T158 B86 (F) W58 H88

soni (20)
T158 B86 (F) W58 H88

junna (20)
T160 B86 (E) W56 H86

rion (21)
T160 B84 (C) W54 H80

moe (19)
T148 B85 (E) W58 H82

mirei (31)
T151 B87 (F) W57 H84

mima (23)
T153 B84 (C) W54 H83

おちんコール嬢 A子 (22)
T0 B0 (A) W0 H0

ri-na (26)
T165 B84 (C) W56 H83

riina (26)
T165 B84 (C) W83 H56

yuki (25)
T160 B83 (C) W84 H58

anri (22)
T157 B85 (D) W58 H84

sana (28)
T160 B82 (B) W55 H82

honoka (23)
T156 B88 (E) W57 H86

miru (20)
T150 B90 (G) W59 H88

minori (19)
T167 B84 (C) W58 H83

sizuku (22)
T154 B83 (C) W56 H85

hazuki (21)
T163 B83 (C) W57 H85

mina (24)
T153 B83 (C) W55 H86

ring (20)
T165 B90 (G) W60 H88

nanami (28)
T150 B86 (E) W57 H86

sara (27)
T160 B86 (E) W58 H85

mahiru (20)
T158 B93 (G) W58 H87

hurura (23)
T153 B86 (F) W59 H88

machiko (23)
T160 B84 (C) W59 H83

madoka (23)
T158 B84 (C) W57 H83

chise (25)
T170 B88 (F) W58 H88

ayaka (22)
T156 B90 (G) W58 H88

masumi (22)
T169 B85 (D) W56 H83

izabera (23)
T161 B88 (D) W59 H86

kiki (20)
T155 B84 (D) W58 H85

iroha (20)
T153 B83 (B) W56 H84

mikako (21)
T150 B83 (B) W58 H84

kanon (22)
T152 B84 (C) W56 H83

an (22)
T155 B84 (C) W57 H86

riri (21)
T156 B84 (C) W56 H84

miran (24)
T154 B84 (C) W58 H88

remon (25)
T162 B84 (C) W58 H85

kaoru (25)
T162 B87 (E) W58 H87

kiara (19)
T151 B84 (D) W58 H85

haru (21)
T163 B86 (D) W58 H88

maho (21)
T158 B88 (G) W55 H89

sae (22)
T157 B86 (E) W56 H88

hana (21)
T152 B86 (E) W58 H85

nao (18)
T155 B87 (F) W56 H85

nono (21)
T160 B86 (E) W58 H86

urara (22)
T156 B86 (D) W54 H85

remu (19)
T152 B86 (C) W58 H86

aki (27)
T169 B88 (B) W56 H86

yoshino (24)
T162 B85 (D) W56 H83

maria (21)
T164 B84 (D) W58 H83

iyori (19)
T161 B84 (C) W59 H84

hinano (19)
T165 B88 (G) W60 H87